Sanjit Saha

Digital Designer & Illustrator

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About me

The Early Years:

I started doodling and sketching from an early age, I guess it was a way of expressing myself without words it continued into my teens with airfix kits I was fasinated by the painting up of the models more so than building them. The early twenties saw me getting into making animation the type you draw into a flick book. Today I just sketch everywhere I go just little things that interest me like signs and people and places.

Problem Solving:

I started out as an illustrator, crayons were my best friends but over the years I have accumulated several other disciplines including page layout, brand development, packaging, animation, UI, UX and responsive web design . You could say I like to solve problems but I would say that yes but creatively i.e aesthetically pleasing yet functional the key factor being the experience has to be memorable.

Recent Works

Below is added some recent projects that I have been involved with
part illustration, part web. Both digital and print.

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